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World Class Shock & Struts
Original Equipment for the
Aftermarket *OEA




KYB supply a comprehensive range of aftermarket shock absorbers.


Monotube high pressure gas shock absorbers.

  • Restores OE monotube performance

  • Increases performance over OE twin tube

  • Completely eliminates foaming and 

  • performance fade

  • Up to 30% more damping than twin tube

  • Single, seamless working cylinder, heavy duty guage

  • Phenolic piston seal provides consistent performance

  • Additional floating piston separates oil and compresses nitrogen gas to add velocity sensitive performance

  • Seamless mounts and bonded bushings adds strength and eliminates noise


Outstanding features include:

  • Breakage is reduced by seamless eye ring mountings.

  • Oil is kept in, dirt is kept out by a multi-lip seal.

  • Rubber cushion protect shock inside on extreme extension strokes.

  • Hard-chromed piston rod to reduce friction, minimises friction.

  • Constant performance from wear resistant piston ring.

  • Large diameter seamless steel cylinders resist splitting.

  • Single tube design reduces heat build-up.

  • Both the extension and compression valves are located in piston for quick response to forces in either direction.

  • Provides consistent control regardless of temperature because the all weather fluid remains near constant viscosity.

  • Gas and fluid are completely seperated by a floating dividing piston featuring special patented O-ring design.

  • Nitrogen gas keeps all-weather fluid under constant high pressure, preventing foaming and aeration.

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